Resilience & Stress Management

Strongheart resilience & stress management 

What is stress?

Stress can be an important and powerful motivator, enabling us to take pleasure in challenges and to achieve goals. However, too much stress over a long period of time can be very damaging, affecting our mood, productivity, relationships, physical health and overall quality of life.

Stress in farming

It’s widely accepted that farming can be a stressful occupation and the pressures are only increasing. Whether a farm owner, manager or farm employee, it’s important to stay healthy and have balance in life in order to remain efficient and productive as a farm business.

Awakened farmer

Awakened Farmer is a one-day interactive, educational workshop focused on understanding and managing our stress.

Awakened Farmer allows participants to:

  • Learn about stress, our experiences of it and our individual stress triggers through group discussion and exercises
  • Explore ways of building resilience to the particular stresses we face in the farming industry
  • Develop a practical toolkit for dealing with difficult moments and go away with some strategies to implement in our everyday working life

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What people say about Awakened Farmer

"A great insight into the technical and practical skills to build a resilient mind, network and thus business"

 Ian (Farmer, South East)

It’s been a horrific year for me, with the weather and other uncertainties. The only thing I think that has allowed me to cope is the things that I have learnt from Aarun’s workshops. As a result of understanding how stress can affect you, and what it can do if you don’t manage it, I’ve been able to stay positive and look forward to a better 2019.

 Olly (Farmer, North West)

I cannot start to thank you enough for your well-delivered presentation. I’m now full of ideas and feel highly motivated to do something with the information”.

 Chris (Farmer, North East)

"A great course with some top tips for looking after yourself and others"

Simon (Farmer, East Midlands) 


I felt so supported by you. Your care, compassion and love for your work oozed out of you.


L (Counselling client, Female, 30s)


Individual counselling, both face-to-face and online over a secure webcam link.

Workshops & Training

Tailored training sessions on mental health awareness, stress management and resilience.


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