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Strongheart also provides tailored training for groups and organisations, offering taster, half-day and full-day training sessions on mental health awareness, stress management and mindfulness.

Why should we consider providing mental health training at our workplace / organisation?

Mental health is wide-reaching.
One in four people in the UK experience some level of mental health difficulty in any given year.

Neglecting mental health has significant financial implications for businesses and organisations.
Mental health issues account for 13% of absences from work and cost workplaces £2.4 billion each year.

Ignoring a mental health issue can have devastating consequences.
There were 5,821 suicides in the UK in 2017. Suicide is the leading cause of death in British men aged 25-49.

While statistics have the power to shock, it’s impossible to convey the pain and heartbreak behind these figures for the individuals and families affected by mental illness. The issue remains a taboo topic and a reluctance to seek support results in a vicious cycle of deepening distress.

It is no exaggeration to say that mental health is one of our society’s greatest challenges and we all share the responsibility of eliminating the stigma. Starting a conversation about mental health with workplace training is a constructive and effective way to tackle the issue.

Note: Above statistics from the Mental Health Foundation

Well Aware

Well Aware is a half-day interactive, educational workshop designed to support awareness of mental health and wellbeing within the agriculture and horticulture industry. It is aimed specifically at those working within the farming community and those connected to it; those working in the supply chain or the kind of trades that travel up and down farm drives on a regular basis. Sales reps, agronomists, bank managers and others are all well-placed to spot those who might be in difficulty. 

Well Aware will help participants gain essential knowledge and practical skills in:

  • Being aware of stress and mental wellbeing and understanding of influential factors
  • How to recognise the signs in oneself or in others who may be struggling with their mental wellbeing
  • How to listen and have the confidence to engage supportively with somebody experiencing difficulty
  • Where to find and access support and how to signpost people towards resources aimed at the farming and wider rural communities

Well Aware can be delivered in 3-4 hours by facilitators who have experience and understanding of the language, typical psyche and culture of farming. The content is delivered through a mix of simple presentation, open discussion and interactive group exercises. The session is pitched at an introductory level and is based firmly on evidence-informed principles and strategies. It is designed optimally for around 15-30 delegates per workshop to ensure manageability and to encourage interaction among participants. Well Aware can also be modified and the style of delivery adapted to better suit different target audiences.

Well Aware has been delivered across England whilst also being adapted by Northern Ireland's College of Agriculture, Food & Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) as part of its 'Farm Family Key Skills' programme, and thereby delivered throughout the counties of Northern Ireland as 'Coping with the pressures of Farming'.

For more information about Well Aware, or if you are interested in running a session for your group or organisation, please contact me

What people say about Well Aware

Mental health is an important issue for farming and one where more work is needed. As well as farmers, the course is a help for all those involved in farming and working within the agricultural industry. The half-day was well paced, and the content was interesting and insightful, and I would recommend others to take the time and attend.” 

Brian Richardson: Head of Agriculture, Clydesdale & Yorkshire Bank

Very helpful in giving me a much better understanding of the issues surrounding mental health in the agricultural sector. The workshop was really informative, interactive and, considering it can often be an upsetting topic, overall was positive. I left feeling much more confident in knowing how to detect signs of struggle, how to provide a listening ear and who and where to refer someone I was worried about. I would definitely recommend it to people working amongst farmers and also to farmers themselves.”

Amanda Williams: Key Account Manager, McVeigh Parker (Specialist Farm & Fencing Suppliers)

Having attended lots of NHS training over the years, this session was a breath of fresh air. Aarun is skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about rural mental health. The listening element was a good skill to learn. If everyone went away with just an understanding of listening then a lot has been achieved. I also found the section on what to say to start difficult conversations very helpful. "

 Jane: Field Nurse (Auction Mart-based health & wellbeing drop-in clinic)

A really insightful event. The conversations that this event instigated around the tables were fantastic and this really helps to break the stigma around mental health and raise awareness in the rural community. It was a pleasure to be part of it”. 

David Murphy: Service User Development & Enterprise Team, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

"The workshop was excellent. Very helpful and insightful for my work in the rural wards and raised issues of which I was not aware. Very useful for me."

John Hill: Health & Wellbeing Team, Chorley Council

 “Informative, engaging and very useful. I felt that I was no longer the only one to find things difficult and learned that there are ways I can help myself and others I love. For me, the point about the pressure to keep things going following the passing of my father is far greater than I had acknowledged in the past and something I know I can now work through."

 Catherine (Farmer, Lancashire)

One of the exercises during the workshop helped me become more aware of one of my default settings,which is to want to ‘fix’ others, to cheer them up and help solve their problems, although this may not always be helpful nor what the other person needs. A few days after the workshop I received a phone call from a farmer client who was in considerable upset and distress. I was able to use some of the techniques I had learnt. I switched off my default mode and didn’t try to save him. I gave my client time to talk and listened to him and it felt fine.”


"The great feedback and praise we have had from attendees is a testament to how well this event was received. The workshop has broken down the barriers and left attendees feeling confident that they could help should they find themselves in a situation where someone is struggling or in need of assistance.

National Farmers' Union (NFU) South West 

"An incredibly insightful and practical event. So glad to have been able to attend.

Holly Mieville-Hawkins: Solicitor, Enable Law (Specialist legal practice)

"Well structured, excellently delivered and will be of use in the future."

John Scott: Agricultural Consultant

"It was eye opening and personally I found it extremely helpful as being able to take some of the strategies away with me has been amazing."

Jack Makin: Rural & Wildlife Crime Team, Cheshire Police

"Informative training on how to look out for and look after ourselves and others"

David (Farmer, Lincolnshire) 

Note: Individuals have given their consent to publish the views and titles displayed here. In some instances, names have been removed in order to maintain confidentiality. Testimonials have been provided by satisfied clients and workshop participants and are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results

I want to thank you again for your time and support. It has been wonderful to see and feel the changes in myself and to know that change is possible.


W (Counselling Client, Female, 20s)


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Workshops & Training

Tailored training sessions on mental health awareness, stress management and resilience.


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