Guest YouTube appearance on Olly Blogs

A big thank you to Olly Harrison, aka ‘Agricontract farmer’ for featuring Strongheart’s Well Aware training workshop on his world famous ‘Olly Blogs’ YouTube Channel.

Since the 2020 Covid lockdown, Olly has been posting a daily video detailing his various adventures on his farm in Merseyside, UK. His daily vlogs are viewed around the world by fans who share a love of agriculture, tractors and farm machinery.

Olly played a key role in the creation of the Well Aware training and continues to highlight the importance of mental health in farming.

View Olly’s video from Day 779 to see him attend a workshop together with his farm staff.

The workshop was excellent. Very helpful and insightful for my work in the rural wards and raised issues of which I was not aware. Very useful for me.


John Hill: Health & Wellbeing Team, Chorley Council (Workshop Participant)


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