As the world continues to face the challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic, Strongheart is volunteering with two fantastic initiatives that offer free counselling and therapy to those on the frontline of Covid-19. 

Frontline19 is a UK nationwide service delivering emotional support, including free therapy, to frontline workers. Doctors, nurses, auxiliary staff, paramedics, ambulance drivers, midwives, social workers, care home staff, firefighters and police officers are all able to benefit from the scheme.


A separate initiative from the therapist-matching platform, Welldoing, similarly enables NHS workers throughout the UK to access free online counselling sessions.


The mental health of NHS workers has been described, by many, as 'at a tipping point'. At a time when the additional pressures of the Covid-19 response only add to the struggles of this workforce, Strongheart Counselling & Training is proud to be able to join with fellow professionals in providing support at this difficult time.




Strongheart Counselling & Training contributed to a recent episode of BBC's 'The Food Chain', which looked at the issue of stress and mental health amongst some of the world's farming communities.

The programme was broadcast on BBC World Service Radio and is available to download to listen as a podcast

There are a myriad of modalities and frameworks that can be used in the therapy process. However, as individuals we are all different and therefore, I believe an important part of the counselling process is finding the therapy style that best supports you. This is one of the benefits of an integrative approach which, as the name suggests, means I combine and weave a number of different modalities and styles. 

"Online counselling ... how does that work?". It’s a response I'm often met with when I tell people that this is one of the services I offer. 

In fact, online therapy is now a well-established field which, having been around since the 1980’s continues to grow so that these days you can even find online therapists offering counselling over email, through real time instant messaging and even via virtual reality 'Avatar' therapy! 

A really insightful event. The conversations that this event instigated around the tables were fantastic and this really helps to break the stigma around mental health and raise awareness in the rural community. It was a pleasure to be part of it.


David Murphy: Service User Development & Enterprise Team, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (Workshop Participant)


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