Working with Farmers

Working with Farmers and the food and farming sector

Before counselling, I worked in agriculture for almost 20 years. My career took me from development projects in Africa to farmers’ kitchen tables across the UK and gave me a profound respect for those working in the industry.

However, farming is a high risk occupation - not only physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. Intense workloads, long hours, disease, unpredictable weather, family tensions, market volatility, rural isolation, political uncertainty - the list of factors that farming families have to deal with is lengthy.

I travelled the world to analyse the unique issues faced by farming communities and explored numerous initiatives dedicated to improving farmer and grower wellbeing. I presented my findings in the form of my Nuffield report ‘Supporting Farmer Wellbeing’ in 2016. As a Nuffield Scholar, I am committed to staying at the forefront of research and development in farmers’ mental health. I am proud to serve as a trustee to an award-winning charity dedicated to supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of the UK's farmers - The Farm Safety Foundation.

I remain a passionate advocate for agriculture and have a particular interest in working with farmers and those who live and work in rural areas. I’m also an experienced speaker and provide mental health training for agricultural groups and businesses.

Having attended lots of NHS training over the years, this session was a breath of fresh air. Aarun is skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about rural mental health. The listening element was a good skill to learn. If everyone went away with just an understanding of listening then a lot has been achieved. I also found the section on what to say to start difficult conversations very helpful.


Jane: Field Nurse (Workshop Participant, Auction Mart-based health & wellbeing drop-in clinic)


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Tailored training sessions on mental health awareness, stress management and resilience.


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