I am Aarun Naik, a psychotherapist based in Liverpool specialising in the mental health and wellbeing of farmers.

Through Strongheart, I offer group sessions on mental health awareness, stress management, resilience and mindfulness training. I also offer individual counselling, both face-to-face and online over a secure webcam link. As a counsellor I aim to be many things - clear, honest, practical and realistic amongst others - but, above all, I want you to know this:

It is possible to have a different relationship with your struggles.

If you’ve found yourself here because you’re experiencing difficult times, then welcome. Feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a low place, self-destructive or even suicidal is more common than you might think. Reaching out for some objective, confidential support is a brave and proactive step to take. I don’t promise a perfect or instant ‘fix’ - I’m sceptical that such a thing exists, truth be told - but being more present in the moment, feeling more fulfilled or energetic, challenging negative thought cycles and changing your relationship with the past are all achievable goals which we can work towards, together.

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Individual counselling, both face-to-face and online over a secure webcam link.

Workshops & Training

Tailored training sessions on mental health awareness, stress management and resilience.


What they are saying about Strongheart.

One of the exercises during the workshop helped me become more aware of one of my default settings, which is to want to ‘fix’ others, to cheer them up and help solve their problems, although this may not always be helpful nor what the other person needs. A few days after the workshop I received a phone call from a farmer client who was in considerable upset and distress. I was able to use some of the techniques I had learnt. I switched off my default mode and didn’t try to save him. I gave my client time to talk and listened to him and it felt fine.


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